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Exhibition: LIfe as it happens

Show Statement

We are both observers gathering scenes through the camera lens from very different points of view. 

Scott: You might be wondering how this show came together? Uday and I met at a now defunct local photo meetup called the Worcester Alliance of Photographers. It is there we realized we both were extremely interested in and had been shooting street photography for years. We shared some of our favorite moments from photographing on the streets. We also have gone on photo-walks together. We critique each other's work and have been learning a lot through the process.

I really enjoy Uday’s work. It is very colorful and has a lot of complexity to it. I find myself looking at his pieces for a long time, enjoying the nuances and depth. Uday has many images he’s shot over his career as a photographer. He’s traveled many places around the world gathering wonderful moments and scenes. I felt my black and white city work would interplay and look appealing alongside his color work.

Uday: Though we share a common sense of why we love photographing on the Street, our styles are quite different. One could say we complement each other’s work. Scott has a keen sense of shapes, lines, and geometry and loves to incorporate buildings and signs. I on the other hand get drawn to people and the moments they are having with one another and their surroundings. Street photography is a very broad genre, and hard to define easily. Every street photographer you encounter has their own interpretation of the subject matter. We decided that by exhibiting our work together we will show our viewers a broad range of street imagery through our unique and differing styles. 

As artists, we go into the streets with our eyes roaming looking for that perfect composition, light, or shade. We are looking for the ever elusive “decisive” moments. We hope you enjoy ‘Life As It Happens’ and can find the many connections in these moments.